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Enrollment yearly draw T.C. Veracket

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Enrollment T.C. Veracket

Attention: You must be in the possession of an ACLO card to be able to join T.C. Veracket.

The undersigned hereby authorizes student tennis club T.C. Veracket, until he or she ends his or her membership, to charge him or her for the following:

-    Contribution;

-    Training;

-    Club activities;

-    ACLO card (if you did not buy it yourself);

-    ACLO card fine;

-    Competition;

-    Clothing.

  • A membership year runs from the 1st of September to the 31st of August of the following year. If you want to end your membership before next year, it is necessary to end it before the 1st of August. It is also possible to end your membership before the 1st of November and before the 1st of February.

    The undersigned will be informed through a newsletter (e-mail) which charges will be written off. The undersigned will only be charged when he or she has made use of the activities and/or recourses which are listed above.

    The undersigned reserves the right to get his or her money back 30 days after the money is charged from his or her bank account.